Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nikohl!!!

Today is little Nikohl's birthday. As most of you know this is Deric's niece. She is 8 years old today. Which is a big deal! I can't believe how big she has gotten. I got the chance to meet little Nikohl just days after she came home from the hospital. She was born premature. I had only known her for minutes that August day and I knew I would always love her!
Deric and I were going out on a date and he told me we needed to stop by his sister's house to see his niece. I never even met his sister or family really at this point. I was so nervous and it was really weird to me at first, but he was so excited to get over to his sister's house I had to go.I knew when I saw her she was going to be little but she was TINY! She was so little couldn't even fit in infant clothes. Now you wouldn't even know that she was that small. She stands almost to my shoulders and she thinks it is cool that we can share some of our shoes!! She has turned into the beautiful caring little girl I always knew she would be. I am just proud that I have the privilege to call her my niece.

This was taken in 2004. She was just about 4 years old.

This was taken at Easter when they came to visit us.
Nikohl we wish we could be there! Hope you have a wonderful day!! LOVE YOU!

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