Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Time Equals Yard Work

A while back I mentioned we built a landscaping wall in the front yard and planted the flowers for the summer. I never posted any pictures of it. I am so bad about that. I wait forever to post anything but then on the other hand I complain to myself how boring our blog is! I get to take full credit on all the yard work... sorry Deric. When I get an idea in my head I just have to do it I CAN'T wait. Even when it is almost 100 degrees out I get out and work. Meanwhile complaining to myself how hot and tried I am. I can't say anything to Deric because he will just tell me I got myself into it! Which is would be totally right. So here are a few pics of the wall I made.This was when we first did it.....

This is now!!!

Also a couple weeks ago I told Deric I wanted to start landscaping the back yard. Now I have BIG idea for tiny backyard. I put in 3 flower beds which took so much work than I imaged. We decided to build up instead of digging down. Which probably cut out a lot of hard labor. Our Neighbors Ken and Marcia ( aka my AR parents) have a pickup so they took my to get topsoil. Ken shoveled the dirt in the wheel barrel and I wheeled and dumped the dirt in the back yard. We had 2 full truck loads which equaled to about 3 cubic yards of dirt. I wheeled about 30+ dumps of dirt have to weighing about 15 to 20 lbs a barrel. Needless to say we got our workout in!!! I was pretty sore after the first day of work. Not only did we haul all the dirt I also have to put the edging in for the beds. It took 2 weekends to get the back yard finished. I just finished it on Sunday after 3 trips to the store for flowers and bushes. Then yesterday after work I had to go get more mulch for the back and the front yard. I feel so much better that the back yard is a 3\4 the way done!!

I told you I have big plans but the other might have to wait till the weather is cooler. I would like to add a small patio for the grill or 2 chairs and our fire bowl to sit on. Right now our grill sits on the grass on the one side of the deck. I would also like to move the steps on the deck to the somewhat middle of the deck. I just think it makes more seance to have the steps moved because you wouldn't have to walk around the deck to get to the patio where the grill will most likely sit. Also I would have more seating on the deck so I don't have to block doors. Deric isn't on board with moving the steps but I think when it is done he will like it. We will only have to get wood to make another hand rail so we are recycling everything and we won't need anymore support. Ken said he would help out with the deck.

Last Thursday I got to babysit Miss Ana Kate for the second time. She is such a doll and the daughter of Candace and Doug. Doug is Deric' boss and we have become friends with him and Candace. You can see her blog listed on the side bar of the screen. They adopted Ana Kate from Vietnam just over a year ago. She will be 2 August 30th..... she shares my birthday!! Candace has been having a hard time leaving Ana Kate because she just cries when her momma leaves. So a while back Candace brought her over and I watched her for a few hours. Ana Kate did so well we decided I was the go to babysitter..... which fine by me I love that little girl. I think the dogs distract her but I like to think it is because she loves me!! Divot has so much fun with her and Birdie is getting a little less timid. I decided to take Ana Kate for a walk with the dogs it was so hot out so we couldn't stay out to long but we had fun. Ana Kate had to walk Divot. She kept saying "I do it" So while she sat in her stroller she held on to Divot's leash and I hooked Birdie to the handle of the stroller. It was the cutest thing. I wish I would have gotten a picture but like I said it was so hot I was ready to get home as fast as I could!! I watched her in the afternoon and that evening Deric's coworker invited a group of people over to his house. They are in the mist of remolding a historical home in Bentonville. Doug, Candace and Ana Kate where there also so here a a few pics of that day.

I am really going to try to get better at posting blogs..... I will be better! Also I had to add this pics of the pups.... they are too sweet not to!

The secret to how I get them to be still!!

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