Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's been going on???

Not much has been happening here in the Bidwell household. I know we are kinda boring.It has rained nonstop here which puts me in a blah mood. I don't want to do anything when it is bad weather out. I usually clean house or do laundry.... Boring! Other than the bad weather we have had I am been sick. I tried fighting cold/allergies thing for a week before I couldn't take it anymore. I was getting worse everyday. Deric and I both had it at first but he seemed to get better. I went to the doctor and was told I had strep throat, sinus infection and laryngitis!! So needless to say I was not feeling good at all. Ya'll know how much I LOVE to talk and it was painfully to speak. My throat was so raw and dry, it was horrible.After 2 shots, 2 scrips and Zyrtec at night the doctor said I should start to feel better. It has been a week today from the appointment and I do feel so much better. I still have bit of a cough but that is it!!
Before I got sick I did make two really cute cakes. The first one I did was yet another "Cars" Cake. I did this one for a client who's little boy Aiden was turning 3 years old. I love Mr. Aiden every time he comes in for a haircut he yells "M. J where are you??? MOMMA I found hers!!" He is such a sweet little man. His birthday was the Sunday we started not feeling good.... so I started his cake the Saturday before and finished it right before his party. The cake turned out super cute. I liked it more than the first "Cars" cake I did.

Also I showed you the cake I did for Donetta at the salon for her 40th birthday. Well I had another co-worker turn 40 the next week. She has been talking nonstop about getting her lips plumped up. She has always wanted it done but her doctor can't do it until August. Donetta and I were talking about what type of cake I should do for Corinna and she said "LIPS big red lips" Now I have never done anything like this at all. Nor did I really know how to even start the shape!! I thought about it for a day and this is what I came up with. It was way cuter in person. The cake was small but it was the perfect size for everyone at work. How did I do it?? Well, I backed 2 round cakes, put them together with big red frosting in the middle. Then I took my huge bread knife and cut the shape of lips. I pipped it first with red but it didn't give it enough shape so I went back with a thin line of black. That made it look so much better!

Also since I blogged the last time our salon signed up for a website. I say signed up because it through a company. It is call We pay them to keep it up.Anyhow I thought it would be a good time to take pictures of the salon because it was repainted about a month ago and I never posted about it! So here are a few pics!

My station.... the wall looks white but it is a soft grey, the colors are super pretty in person!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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