Friday, May 8, 2009

Come in Ya'll

I am jumping in on the home tours! A fellow blogger Kelly started this deal, every Friday people post pictures of their homes. I know I have posted pics before but I am going to do it again! Thanks for stopping by.

~ Funny story about our furniture. This past January my neighbor and I decided that we were stick and tired of our furniture and wanted to get new but didn't want to go out and spend much money because our stuff was fairly new to us. So we came up with the best idea... We traded! I am sure our other neighbors watching us exchange furniture, thought that we were crazy but it worked out.Believe it or not, but this sectional fits so much better than our other couches did!
Last Friday was kitchens so I thought I would throw a few pictures of the kitchen in too!


  1. THAT is the funniest/best story yet. I LOVE the swapping story :) Smart/Economical & fab living room. Good Job!

  2. I'm an Arkansas gal too, Pine Bluff for 24 years , now an Okie for about 14 years!! Looks great and I really like the puppy, we have a couple of "friends" inside too!!

  3. Your home is super cute and I love the way that you decorate!! You are so pretty BTW!!!

  4. What a great idea to trade!!! Your rooms look so cozy and pretty. Great job.

  5. Your house is so cute! (Please tell me it's not that clean all the time...I really need to step it up before I do this on my blog...:)

    I especially love the fireplace area with the slanted shelves. Very nice!!