Monday, May 4, 2009

My new hobbies

Well most of you know I have found a new love of baking. It is almost therapeutic for me..... I get in the zone I guess! I have been doing it for fun with my friend Val. But lately I have been talking to my clients about this new discovery and a few have asked me to bake cakes for birthdays. This past weekend I made my first "Cars" cake. Now I was pretty nervous about how I was going to pull it off and spend weeks looking up ideas on line and reading blogs! (I am turning into Deric... have to research for weeks before I decide!)
At first I decided that I was going to do a practice run the weekend before just so I could get the shape of the car down. I didn't do all the frosting and details because well it takes forever!!! So now I can write this down in the record book... Littlest Pet Shoppe, Batman, and now Cars cakes down!
Here are a few pictures of the "Cars" cake and I threw in a few of the other cakes too, but I think most of you have seen the others! Enjoy!
(p.s they are as good as they look! )

I made this cake for a co-workers little girls bday

These next two where when I helped Val bake a cake for a bday......

Spencer (val's hubby) threw sugar on her,she was yelling at him for something!

this was the Batman cake I made for my nephew's bday!

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