Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Late Birthday Mom!

First I want to give a shout out to my Mom.... she celebrated her birthday this past Thursday! I hope you had a good birthday! Sorry you didn't get to see the Colts win the super bowl but you will soon have a snuggie to cuddle up in!  LOL

We will have some snow on the ground here in NWA, but it is so cold and windy.  We may have only gotten another 2 inches of snow after our 10 inches melted away. We did get to see that thing they called the sun yesterday! It is looking like we will get more snow starting tomorrow till the end of the weekend.

We haven't been doing much around here. I did make three more snuggies since the last time I blogged and sent them out. I didn't get a picture of two of  them before I mailed them.So mom you have to send me a pic of you in your snug and I will tell Robyn also! I am in the processes of making Deric a snuggie! It started as a joke and now I think he wants it! I did find his signature pattern... YES I found argyle! My wonderful husbands owns I bet at least 10 argyle sweaters and socks! Deric looks great in argyle though!  So he will pose for a picture when his is done. I am sure tomorrow I will have it finished.
                              This is a dark purple one for a girl at work, and Divot had to get in the pic!
                            I think he was feeling left out or he wanted outside. BTW don't mind the crowbar
                           our mailbox and trashcan was frozen shut! It usually doesn't sit by the front door!            

Last Thursday  we had a dinner for our friend, Deric's co-worker and a client of mine.. Kitty. She is a Army Reserve and was being deployed. She is such a wonderful woman! Cathy, another client, put the dinner party together.  A big group of us met at "Greenhouse Grille" in Fayetteville. We have never eaten there and it was really good!  Kitty is going to stay in the Army till she is retired. So she thinks she will have to do one more tour after this one. She will be gone for a little over a year this time. Cathy had the best idea... she made personal postcards for Kitty and we all wrote a little note on the back of them. Cathy will be sending them out randomly throughout the year to Kitty.  I thought it was the best idea.. she will have a note from her friends and a picture from home also!  I put together a little care package for Kitty. I had never made one before so I wasn't for sure what all she could take with her. But everything I put in the basket she can have! I was happy about that!  Here are a some photos of the night..

Kitty and Jason (her boyfriend)
                                                              Kitty and Cathy

                                         GOOD LUCK KITTY... WE WILL MISS YOU

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