Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Blizzard 2010"

We haven't done much of anything today because of all the snow! I did manage to shovel out the sidewalk and the driveway. The pups were having a hard time going out to go potty!!! The drive was a lot more to handle than what I thought. The snow was packed down and the 2 inches of ice at the bottom made it more challenging. After I shovel the drive Divot and I had some fun in the snow. I got a ball for him and I threw it up and down the road. He loved to just run and slide... it was pretty darn cute! Birdie... the princess came out for a little bit but demanded she go back in! She watched from the office window mostly.
 We decided to get out and see how the roads looked this afternoon. Everything is still  snowed covered, iced, or complete slush! We were very thankful for our 4 wheel drive! It was in the 30s today and the sun was shinning so a lot melted. I still can't believe that we got that much snow. We officially got 10 inches of snow!!!  Here are some pictures of  the day. Not very exciting but you can see all the snow we got!

                                                    I just got started with the driveway
The driveway done... look at all the snow!

                                              Had to take a shot with the pups! Divot had his
                                              eye on the neighbor down the road shoveling!

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