Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Snuggies

This past Monday North West Arkansas has been preparing  for "Winter Storm 2010". The storm hit here last night..... Thursday. Arkansans  everywhere all week have been stocking up on food, water, candles and  generators! I think it is so silly that people go crazy when  we get a bit of snow. But on the other hand if we get another ice storm like last year  I don't really blame them. Here is a pic from last years storm.

                                               This tree stands taller than our house usually!

 Today I have the day off because of "Winter Storm 2010" so I am planing on sewing. I have had the urge to craft lately and I have to hit the spot! It started last week so my friend,Val and I had a sewing night on this past Monday. Her husband was out of town for work so it was a great time to break out our sewing machines and take over her living room! We decided on Sunday to make our own snuggies! On Monday we hit separate Hobby Lobbys on our lunch break the we met at her house after work. We pulled out our fleece and to our surprise we both purchased the same color pink fleece! We had a good outline of how we needed to go about making a snuggie and before we knew it her living room looked like a pink monster threw up all over the floor! Pieces of pink fleece and pink thread all over the place! I pretty much finished my snuggie with just some minor details to finish but it was 10:30pm and I needed to get home. Val on the other hand had given up after her attempt to sew her first sleeve on! So she just gave me ideas on how to improve my "blanket with sleeves" and took pictures! I added zebra print at the bottom to make it extra long. Then added zebra printed pocket in front the next night at home In all it was just a great time to spend with Val. She works and goes to school full time so we don't get to spend as much time together!  I didn't have my camera so we used Val's camera but I don't have any pics from our night but once I do I will post them too! Here is a picture after I added the pocket on!

So since my snuggie turned out I wanted to show everyone at work. So I did what I thought I would NEVER do. "I WORE MY SNUGGIE OUT IN PUBLIC"  At least it is super cute with the zebra print on it! I am so proud of my snuggie and my sewing skills... I haven't sewn anything for almost 2 years so it was so nice to break out my machine again. Thank you my wonderful SIL again for getting me the machine for Christmas like 3 or 4 years ago now! HAHA

Since  I am going to be stuck inside at home for the next couple of days because NWA is shut down and now that I look out the window it is looking pretty white out. I am going to sew my heart out. I have Val's half finished snuggie that I need to take apart and redo and then I am going to make my pregnant co-worker, Tara, one.  Ya'll better watch out I might just open up a  Salon, Snuggie and Cake shop!
                                           Here are some snow pictures I took this morning

Speaking of Tara and cakes. This is the latest cake I did for Tara's son Dylan. He races dirt bikes and wanted nothing else but a dirt bike cake that he drew out blueprint style about 6 months ago!!

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  1. So cute! Love the addition of the zebra print. Don't they have snuggies for dogs now? You need to sew one for Divot and Birdie too!

  2. i love your pink zebra print snuggie! and i would def come to your hair, cake, and snuggie salon :)