Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aliza 6.5 weeks

So I am already falling behind on Aliza's monthly posts... I am horrible!  I will do better next month baby girl! 
This was taken on your 1month bday

- wearing some newborn outfits and some 0-3 months 
-newborn diapers and size 1 at night 
-nursing every 3 hours . If you take a bottle you drink 3 oz of breast milk.
-great sleeper :) sleep 4-5 hr stretches at night 

-love love love bath time 
-don't really care for your car seat 
-love to be held and cuddled
- looking at us when we talk to you 
-started to smile at us... The cutest thing!
-even have gotten to hear some cooing
 -your hair ALWAYS sticks up on the top 
-bright blue eyes 

Aliza is so sweet! I forgot about all the new sweetest that comes with a newborn. The exictiment when she finally caught my face the first time and when she turns her head towards our voices. 

Aliza ~ 
You are a bit of a Momma's girl. You like others by as soon as your hear my voice you want fuss. untill I hold you. You are pretty laid back. You'll be wide awake and perfectly happy laying or sitting looking around. Your big sister love you and you love her! You always are trying to look for her when Amelia is talking/screaming/singing! 

At night you get a little more fussy than normal. I think you have gas belly.... Sorry sweetie! Some gas drops and you feel better in no time!
I still can't believe some days we have two sweet girls! We have our hard days but we have more great days than bad. We love you so much! Thankful we get to be your parents! 

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