Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our weekend

We had a fun weekend even though we have some stuffy noses and sleep devorived parents. 
Friday we had a birthday party to attend for our neighbor/friend. We celebrated at "little giggles" for his 2nd birthday 

This place is so neat! I have posted about it before.  They have all kinds of fun stuff for the tots! 

After the party we went to our friends house to watch the movie "planes". Amelia has been waiting and waiting to see this movie. Our friends have a pretty awesome theatre room. It was a good trial run for Amelia. We plan on taking her to her first movie theatre visit this weekend! 
Saturday night we had grandma Marcia come stay with Aliza so we could take Amelia on a date. The lighting of "the lights if the Ozarks" was held Saturday night. The fayettville square is beautiful when all lit up. We knew Amelia would be thrilled to see it. 

They also had a parade... That was a bit lame and way to long! It was freezing cold out but Amelia was a trooper! After the parade we headed straight to the pony rides and then home. We were all freezing by the time we walked what seemed miles back to the car! 

Sunday we got our  Christmas tree up and we decorated it last night. I usually knock out all the decorating in a day but this year it has been harder. For one thing I am still only 3.5 weeks post surgery and two having a toddler help takes much longer. Good thing I got a head start on it this year. This is the first time ever the tree has been up before Thanksgiving!  I think I had the itch to get it up just as much as Amelia! :) 

 Sweet sisters in front of our tree today. 
My OB asked to have the girls pose with her for a Christmas photo that is going on her cards for the clinic. So we were all decked out in Christmas outfits! Nothing sweeter than seeing Amelia love on her baby sis.  

I am so happy to get to see my parents this weekend. They will be here Wednesday night through the weekend. My dad hasn't met Aliza yet! :) 

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