Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amelia's Christmas list

Amelia is really into Christnas this year! I get a kick out her exictiment! Just the other day we were at Hobby Lobby picking up some Christmas decor and she would yell "wook, baby 
Jesus! He is everywhere for his birthday!" 
She was trying to pick up every ceramic figure of Him... Meanwhile I was nursing Aliza! It was a sight to say the least! I kept telling Amelia to "leave baby Jesus alone... He wants to nap!" I was afraid we would have to buy a whole center rack of broken Jesus'!  Haha 

I love that she is starting to understand more and more that Christmas is about Jesus and his birthday, but she also is well aware that Stana is coming Christmas Eve. I am trying to hard to find a good balance between the two and make sure she knows it is about Jesus more than Stana.... It's hard! 

She got a glimps of Santa at the mall last weekend when she was on a date with daddy. She just waved at him that day. We told her we would go back to visit and give him her Christmas list. 

So yesterday, we headed to target to get some ideas for her list. It is already pretty long for not even a 3 year old! 
She was beyond thrilled to cruise the isles and take her time looking at everything! 
 She is OBESSED with roller skates so that is her number 1 item... Santa must bring them!  
She also saw a  Minnie Mouse scooter. She  said  "I could probably roll through the neighborhood on that awesome thing" haha 

She is really into Doc McStuffins, but what toddler isn't! She found all the Doc toys and wanted them all! 
I thought this drs jacket would be great because she loves to play dress up! 

She also tells us almost everyday Santa is going to  "bring her a grill" which sounds like girl :) . This threw me off at first! I had no clue what "girl" she was talking about until she said " like the one daddy has outside!" Hahah (Palm to the head) 

She also thinks Santa is going to bring her a train table.  She really enjoys playing with her friend's tables so she thinks she needs one. 

And a big thanks to Saturday morning cartoons and commercials she now thinks she needs a "Flippie"! These silly hats have a pump on them to make the ears flip up and down. She can't really make them work, but she is sure she is getting one ...ugh 

I am sure the list will be added to everyday until Christmas Eve! It is always fun to hear what she adds. She has even started a list for baby sister... Which is stuff she really wants! ;) ohh my sweet Amelia! 

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