Sunday, November 17, 2013

More family visits

My mom and sister drove down on the Sunday after Aliza was born. They got in late but we kept Amelia up so she could greet them. 
It was nice to have my mom and sister here to help! We stayed home a lot but we did get out a few times! I figured since I was feeling pretty good and had the extra hands why not! Plus, I was already stir crazy! 
We had a MOPS play date on Tuesday so we took Amelia. She loves "Little Giggles" and I couldn't let her miss out on it! Aliza hung out in the moby wrap all snug as a bug! 

After playing all morning we stopped for lunch then home for Amelia's nap. I had a one week doctor check so mom , Aliza, and I went.  Everything was good and u had a nice 15lbs lost in a week! 

We did something almost every other day, so Thursday was dance day. We couldn't let her miss class. My mom and sister were so happy they got to see her in class. No joke... Amelia is pretty good! She listens so well and follows her teachers moves! So proud! 
Baby sis slept the whole time at dance :) 

  Amelia didn't want to nap after class so we went to target and then to the hospital to see Aliza's future Husband :). 
My friend Jenny had baby Samuel just 8 days after Aliza. He is a big boy!! Aliza looked so much smaller than him... He had almost pounds on her! 
 By that night I was worn out and sore! I was only 8 days out from surgery and I was feeling some pain. We stayed in our pjs all of Friday too. Just lots of snuggle time.  

Saturday was my mom and Jen's last day. We went to this huge craft fair that is held  every year and then to the mall. It was a busy day. Plus, I figured Daddy could use the break of family around and have the house to himself for a while! 
 Amelia got worn out while at the show so we put her in the seat/stroller while I nursed! I couldn't believe she kinda fit!! Haha! 

There was a lady there offering mini photo sessions and since the girls were matching I had too!! 

So cute these two!!  

After we shopped the crafts we headed to the mall. The only thing we had planned was lunch, pedis for big sis and I, and some build a bear fun! 
Amelia LOVED her special day! We made sure she felt extra special! She has done outstanding with having sister home... I couldn't have asked for better kid!! 

Amelia and GiGi getting ready to build her kitty! It was her first time there! She loved it!! 

It was sad to see them leave Sunday but I was also ready to see how we would do alone. So far great and it has been a week alone! Our girls are great!! 

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