Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Amelia has been beyond sweet and gentle her new baby sister! She was so
Happy to finally meet her. Amelia asks to
Hold and feed her a lot. It melts me heart to see her loving on Aliza. 

Aliza is a champ. She sleeps through anything! Which is amazing since we have two crazy barking pups and almost 3 year old who is pretty rambunctious. She is sleeping really good at night and staying more awake in the day. I am praying this one sleeps!! 

The first week Deric's parents where here. They got here a couple of days before Aliza was born then left Saturday. We didn't do all that much since we were in the hospital. But I did skip out just after 24hours after my c-section. So we were home in time for Halloween . 

Amelia had a Halloween party at dance, so Deric and his parents took her.  They brought her to my room so I could help get her ready!! She was so pumped to be a black kitty!!  

Aliza and I hung at the hospital waiting to be discharged. We brought Aliza home in her Halloween dress Amelia picked put. I had made matching sisters outfits for them to wear home but that was when I thought we were going home the day after Halloween. Since we got to go home early I thought it was fitting for the girls to be in their Halloween shirts. 

We spent the rest of the night at home while Daddy took big sis trick or treating. She had a blast.. To say the least.  Girl stocked us up on some candy! She was even telling Deric to stay on the sidewalk when she went to the doors with her friends.... So big! 

Aliza didn't venture out but I still made her a costume so I had to put her in it. Plus, our neighbor friends saw her dressed when they came to our door.  My inlaws passed out candy for the kiddos. Our new neighborhood has a ton of kids...I love it! 

Next up.. More hospital pics and my family visits :)  

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  1. Amelia is the best big sister ever and the cutest too!