Saturday, November 2, 2013

Aliza is here!!

We welcomed our 2nd sweet second girl at 11:05 Oct 30th. Aliza was 6.14 lbs, 19 inches long and perfect! We are both doing so good. Even though we had a planned c-section I skipped out of the hospital a day early! I was so happy to be home on Halloween night! I wanted so badly to be home to see out big girl go out trick or treating! 
My doctor is beyond amazing and knew I wanted to be home. Also, I recovered so well the first time she knew I know the ropes :) 
Here are the photos I snapped with my iPhone at the hospital!  

I have tons more but they are on our big camera. I haven't uploaded them yet. I will post more soon! Plus, we had some
Cute girls for Halloween... So I will share that too! 

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