Monday, January 19, 2009

New living room update!

Deric and I have been throwing around the idea that we wanted new living room furniture. We liked our furniture but really couldn't rearrange it or add anymore seating to the room. We also have a hide-a-bed in the long sofa and we no longer needed that since we have two extra bedrooms.  When we got back from Christmas my neighbors came to my rescue when Deric noticed that a mouse had chewed through the power cord on the fridge in the garage. While Ken was fixing the cord Marcia and I were taking down my tree in the living room and talking about how I was going to rearrange it. Come to find out Marcia LOVES our couches. The brand new sectional she just bought from J.C Penney really didn't fit her living room.  She says "Well, I love your couches and you were thinking of a sectional since you have to leave the layout in a L shape, so why not just trade furniture!" I stood there for a second thinking about what she had said, while at the same time remembering that my precious dog, Divot, got mad a couple of times while we were out and chewed at 2 cushions on that furniture that she LOVED.  Now I had to tell her about the cushions. Marcia had no problem with Divot's  work.
Now Marcia and Ken went to Florida on New Years Eve because Marcia had to have major back surgery at that Mayo Clinic. While they were gone I wanted to see if I liked the color of their sectional with our wall color and decor. So when we had our friends, Val and Spencer, over for dinner Val and I decided it would be a good idea to carry a piece of the couch across the street at almost 10:00 p.m.  After a few stops in the middle of the road to "get a better grip" we made it over to the front of our house. The guys were standing outside just watching us struggle while we were laughing so hard we about dropped the thing. My lovely husband says after I yelled for him to help " Well I just have socks on"!! Spencer on the other hand came running down the drive way with no shoes on to help us ladies! Thanks Spencer!! I was so scared the cops were going to show up at the door step that night because somebody had reported some girls walking down the road with stolen furniture.
  Anyway, this passed weekend got got everything changed around with the help of Ken's truck.... there was no way we were carrying all that furniture down the road, especially our big sofa! I think it looks great and am really loving it! We also went last night to Gordman's to buy new wall decor in the living room. But I would recommend that if you ever get the chance to trade furtinture do it!! It is a fun way to get a new look for your home!

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