Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures of our trip

I didn't take time to post any pictures when I last blogged. So I decided to put them up now! Enjoy!

Jen and Blake

This isn't the best photo but I had to include it because Blake just makes me laugh!

Nate loves Iron Man.... He makes a pretty cute one if you ask me!

My best friend's little boy, Jaxson, with the toy I bought him for Christmas!
Stephanie Miller(Justin's wife) with her dog Zoey, they are so much fun!

Nate and Nikohl after the Christmas program at church.
Nikohl all dressed up as Mary for the program

Nate being himself.... a little "wise-guy" as Pastor said
Just thought this was cute..... Birdie you can tell really hates that outfit..... poor girl!

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  1. great pics and great updates! it looks like you had a good time with your family! :)