Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things are a little slick around here!

As of Monday afternoon I had my first auto accident.  My high school vehicle was involved in a hit and run accident while it was parked, but this was my first real accident.
I decided to go to the salon to pick up my schedule book that afternoon because we were supposed to get ice and snow that night. I wanted to go for a couple of reasons... the first was to get my book so I could call my clients if the weather got bad. The second reason I wanted to go to the salon on my day off was to see the new wall color. Yes!!! We finally got rid of the blue paint! No more blue hole for me!!! (sorry side note)
So after I told Deric that I wasn't going to go anywhere I got out on semi slick roads.  I also thought I would take the dogs with me since they never go anywhere except to the vet. I do drive a 4 wheel drive SUV but of course not thinking, I didn't switch it over to 4 wheel. We were heading to the salon and I have to cross over the interstate, knowing the road conditions weren't the best I slowed down at the bridge. I started to fish tail in the middle of the bridge then some strong force from somewhere whipped me 180 degrees to the left and I slammed into the guard rail just passed the bridge. Poor Divot got slammed into the passenger side door then continued to fly forward and hit his little head on the dashboard. I felt like the worse dog mom.... but on the other hand.... little Birdie was sitting on my lap safe and sound. Good thing the airbags didn't deploy.
After the accident I notice that the back end of my truck was in the middle of the road and the passenger side was encased in the metal rail! I backed up from the rail and got out of the way from the oncoming fishtailing traffic.
I called Deric right away and come to his surprise he didn't even know I was out on the roads! He was such a big help.  He called the police for me because I just broke down in the middle of our conversation. All I remember telling him " I don't know what happened, don't have a pen and I have the dogs, Help me!" I didn't have to sit in the car for very long, but while I was sitting there a few people stopped to see if I was okay. This one guy's conversation with me stands out....
He pulls up beside me in a sporty BMW and ask me " Are you okay..... what happened?" So I tell him through tears that I spun around and hit the guard rail. He says " Oh man, do you think it is safe?" Now I just sat there for a minute thinking did he really just ask me that?! I really wanted to reply "Here's your sign!" "Do you think if I drive in the middle really slow that I will be okay? Man, I really hope I don't wreck!" Here I sat alone with two barking dogs, a smashed car and he wants my advice on crossing!
So when the officer got there we filled out paper work and I was back on the road.... did I mention I had to cross over the same bridge. No worries I didn't wreck again.... didn't even slide. Deric ended up coming home early do deal with the car and to come check on me. I did take a pretty hard hit to my knees and my lower back was really hurting. I am feeling much better now. As the night went on the weather got worse. It continued to sleet and ice all night. We have now been stuck in the house since Monday afternoon. I have never seen so much ice in my life. Our tree in the front yard is drooping to the ground. I think it will make it because it is still a young soft tree. Here are some pictures that I took throughout the day on Tuesday.

This does not really show how bad it really is

This is kind of pretty

took this morning.... we had freezing fog last night and today

this truck is parked right behind our drive so we can't get out without fear of hitting it!

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  1. what a scary accident - glad to hear that you are okay! good luck with all the ice, hope you can enjoy some "iced in" time together! :)