Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Treats

I have been so eager to bake something. I think this feeling has been sparked by a new blog that my friend Val introduced me to. You can find the link on the side of our page. The woman behind "Bakerella" is hands down the best I have ever seen. She is best know for cake pops which she was on Martha for. She was the inspiration of the latest cake I baked.
Another stylist at work needed to get a cake for her little girl's 5th birthday. She is a single mom raising 2 children on her own. When she told me she couldn't find anyone around to make her daughter a "Littlest Pet Shoppe" Cake. I jumped right in. My brain starting filling with all kinds of ideas. I was just so excited that I could bake something and not have to be tempted by the sweet cake sitting around my house.
So when I got home I sat right down at the computer and started searching for cake ideas. I found a few cute ones but I wanted to come up with something original. So on Friday when I was done at the salon I went to Hobby Lobby to get a cute cake pan and went straight home. I had called Val and asked her to come over to help. We were really wanting to fondant something, but since neither of us had before we threw out that idea and stuck to butter cream! We had such a great time making this cake and I was so glad I got to bake and decorate something! Val and I make a pretty good team! Our very first themed caked turned out wonderful..... I think! Thanks again Val Pal!


  1. How adorable!! I love to bake and that blog you mentioned is amazing!! I used to bake all the time, but it's not very easy now with a baby on my hip. I've always wanted to try using fondant let me know how it goes when you do it. Great cake!

  2. great job on the cake - i'm totally impressed! now i've got the urge to go and try my hand at baking something!!! have you tried bakerella's cake pops?

  3. I haven't tried her cake pops yet. But I decided I was going to make them for easter. I will decorate the cake pops as Easter eggs instead of boiled eggs. I will let you know how they go if you don't try them first!