Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cycling & Warm Weather

Hey everybody, this is Deric. I haven't written in our secret public journal for a long time because I have been writing over at my other blog. However, I thought I would stop by for an update. Things have been going well this spring for Amanda and I. As you have probably read, we have had quite a few visitors in the past several weeks. I think all of the visits are done for now, so it will be back to the normal grind for a while. We will probably head north in the next few months, but we haven't made any plans yet. Here in Arkansas the weather has really improved in the past couple weeks. This week has been our best of the year by far. Yesterday Amanda didn't have to work so she spent the day outside planting flowers. Our landscaping looks good, I am sure we will post some pictures shortly. Our grass still isn't green though. It takes forever for the Bermuda grass to green up, but at least I haven't had to start mowing yet. I am sure I will have to mow in the next couple weeks. While it is still brown you can see each and every weed in the yard, so I have removed or killed them all. It is nice to know there isn't even one weed in the yard, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
The nice weather this week has finally allowed me to start consistently cycling. I am probably going to join the Tyson racing team this summer, though I don't plan on doing any actual races. Joining the team will give me a group of people to ride with, and hopefully give me a lot more motivation this year. I rode 4 out of the 5 days this week. I was planning on doing a 30 mile ride today, but my legs are pretty sore from the week, and it is REALLY windy out today. I decided to wimp out and stay home. I took the dogs out for a long walk this morning for my exercise. The rest of the day will be spent relaxing, doing laundry and cleaning up the house.

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