Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So I am finally back blogging... I really need to get better at sitting down and posting something. But I have the same feeling as my wonderful husband.... is my life that wonderful to blog about and do people really want to read about it? But for you suckers that are out there that sit down and think your are going to read something wonderful on our little blog here it goes!
For Easter I heading east to Maryland to visit my sister and her husband, Blake. Blake moved about to Maryland about 2 years ago and when they got married last July she made the move. I have missed her so much so it was so nice being able to get out to see her. Jennifer is a 5th grade teacher for a private school and she was on spring break the week of Easter so it was the ideal time to head out there. If you are a follower of our little blog, you may say well "I thought her brother was at her house". Yes you are right my brother and his family left Wednesday morning and Thursday morning I was at the airport at 5 a.m.
When I landed in Baltimore Jen picked me up and we went to lunch then shopping for the rest of the afternoon. We got back to the house and Blake got home then we just hung around waiting for Blake's brother Brian and his wife to come. Brian and Katelyn were driving down from Canada. We ate dinner in which was soooo good! By the way Jen, I need that recipe.

Friday morning we headed to D.C. for the day. I was pretty excited to see the city again. It was nice that we just wandered around and went in the museums that we wanted to. We went to a Mexican restaurant call Laurel Plaza, it was so delicious.

(us at Laurel Plaza)
It was a sweet place on a corner that had outside seating although we didn't get seated outside it was still a wonderful place to eat. We were going to hit some other museums before we headed home. Us girls went to the Natural History Museum and the boys headed to the Air and Space Museum. As we were walking towards the car we noticed that it wasn't there. At first I thought we went to the wrong building but NO! We got all the way down where we parked the car and sure enough we parked in a no parking time zone!! So this was a first for me... I never had to deal with a car being towed. We were handling this well but Jen. Her knee was so swollen you couldn't even see her knee cap. No she didn't fall down as she usually does. We think it was caused by all the walking. So instead of walking to the impound we haled a cab. All five us cramped into this cab and the cabby acted like he didn't know the address. But we were in his hands so we all sat in completed silence. As we got closer to the impound I was quite as mouse... which is SO UNCOMMON... I was praying to the good Lord that we wouldn't get shot at. I was kinda thankful that I was sitting down low in the cab because I didn't want to catch a bullet! We were in the GHETTO so to say. The cab driver dropped us off and took off. We were standing outside this building and to the looks of it no one was there. We were all standing between the little gate and the window with bars on it. I stayed close to the building and low... I watch crime shows! I wasn't taking any chances! Soon enough we saw a car come around the building and the driver pointed us in the right direction. We picked up the car and we all decided it was time to go home!
Saturday Jen stayed home due to her knee and the rest of us headed out to Mt. Airy for a day of wine tasting. I am not much of a wine drinker but it is always fun going on tours. Well it was rainy so we skipped the tour and went straight for the wine! The first place we got to taste 28 wines because we got a cheese tray. They gave us these crackers also and I thought they were "The best crackers I have ever had" (right Blake) so I had to buy them. The next place was really neat and for $20 you got 5 glasses of wine and chocolates paired with it. Katelyn and I were all for the chocolate, so we sat down and so enough we were feeling fine!

After a stumbling walk to the restroom we headed home. On the trip home I begged Blake to stop anywhere, I just needed a bathroom yet again and some food. So we ended up at Burger King. I can't believe I am going to telling you this! I went to the counter to order after Katelyn placed the BK crown on my head. I was so proud that I was the new announced queen, I didn't take that crown off till we got up the apartment!

Well Easter morning Blake, Jen and I went to church then we got back to the apartment to eat breakfast then we were off to Annapolis for the day. I loved Annapolis, the weather was a bit chilly at first especially by the water. The first thing we did was take a boat tour, it was so neat to see the Navy Academy right by the water. By the time we got off the boat it was warming up and we just walked the streets and shopped. Annapolis is just a charming town and I would defiantly go again. For lunch we ate at this Pub... I forgot the name of it! It was super good, I had fish and chips. I have to say I have some of the best food on this trip! But isn't that what you are supposed to do... eat a lot of great food????? Well I am going to stay YES!

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  1. hahahaa I am pretty sure I know the exact place that your car was towed, and it is probably really in the SE ghetto. I used to live next to the mall (two blocks behind the Air and Space museum) and absolutely loved it. Miss it, and go there all of the time. My old roommate and I used to go to Annapolis on the weekends. The weather is always soooo beautiful. I love the bay. Glad you got to see the area and had fun!