Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Vistors

The Saturday before Easter my brother, his wife and their 4 kids came down for spring break. Now you may say brother? Yes I have 2 brothers, Steve and Chris. The boys are from my dad's first marriage. We didn't grow up in the same household but as we all got older my brothers came back into our lives.
Kimmie, my sister-in-law, called a few weeks before spring break to see if they could come down to visit. They have never been down to see us and haven't taken a family vacation either. So this was the perfect opportunity to "kill two birds with one stone". Chris and Kimmie drove through the night on Friday so they made it to our place on Saturday mid morning. I was at work but Deric brought them up to the salon so I could get all the hair cuts done. I was so excited to see the kids, we haven't seen each other since July at my sister's wedding. They have 3 boys, Riley (8), Tyler(5), Kraige(3), and baby Lexie (1). It was the second time I had seen my niece so that was really neat to see how big she had gotten.

Those boys are defiantly Mimi's boys when we are all together (My nickname when I was little and still used is Mimi). I like to think that the boys and I have this special bond that nobody else has with them. They want my attention all the time. It is quite sweet.
Sunday was a special day because Mr. Tyler was turning 5 years old. We have missed a lot of birthdays with all of our nieces and nephews so this was so awesome that I got to throw Ty a little party. He had requested a Batman cake so when the boys were sound a sleep I starting making my first Batman cake! I had made the fondant on Friday so I didn't have to worry about doing that. Ty woke up wanting to see his cake right away. It was so nice to see him get so excited about it.

That night I took all of them to "Jump Zone". It is this warehouse full of huge blowup slides and moonwalks. It was SOOOO FUN! Even us grownups get to play. We had 3 full hours of running and jumping.... that equals total exhaustion!

Monday Chris and Kimmie went out exploring the area and I had the day off so I had all the kids for the day. We played games and just hung around the house till Chris and Kimmie got back. Once they got home we took the kids to Target so they could spend their birthday money they had been saving. We met Deric at "Fast Lanes" that night for dinner and bowling. That place is really neat. It has bowling, arcade and laser tag, however we just bowled in the cosmic room and ate dinner.
I had to work Tuesday so when I heading to work the boy were "taking a nap". I say it like that because I guess after a few hours of them just laying there, no sleeping was involved. They hung at the house then went out for Mexican that night and got home and went to bed because they were leaving Wednesday morning when I left for work.I was heading out to see my sister in Maryland for Easter and had to be at the airport at 5 a.m on Thursday, so they left early so I could get ready for my trip. Details and pictures of that trip to come in the next blog! But for now here are a few more pictures. I was trying so hard to get a really good picture of me and the kids.....

This was the best one of I think 10! They are such funny kids!


  1. Love the cake, you did an awesome job. What cute kids too! :)

  2. That cake turned out better than I thought it would! I was proud of myself! Those kids are pretty cute!

  3. that cake is great! you really make me want to try doing something with fondant! and don't you just want to bake everything bakerella does?!