Sunday, September 13, 2009

blogging between the throw ups....

Don't worry Deric and I are fine but my baby Divot has been sick for the past couple of days. He is constantly throwing up. I think he has some drainage from allergies he is getting rid of. Now that I grossed you out! sorry!
I feel as if I really don't have anything to blog about this week. I did get to go to the LPGA this week and drive a golf cart on Wednesday. This wasn't for the tournament but for the Pro-aim. This is where a group of 4 people are paired up with a Lady Pro golfer and plays 18 holes with her. Our group was to tee off at 1:50 but since the rain wouldn't stop we were delayed 2 hours and ended up only playing 9 holes. But we had a great time and our Pro, Amy, was such fun!

The client that asked me to help out with the cart gave us all week passes to go watch the tournament. We did go out yesterday (Saturday), but didn't go today. It was supposed to rain and we don't follow any of the leaders so we just came home after church.

Speaking of church we kicked off the "Draw Near" 50 day challenge. Our church is working as a whole.... children, teens, and adults on the same study. During "Draw Near" our church is challenging us to get closer to our wonderful God, to build a stronger relationship with Him. We have a booklet that we will follow at home, small groups, and at church that has different verses and bible studies to lead us on our way. We are not in a small group and I feel like we need to get involved in one. I think we will feel closer to our church and have more of a church "family". Fellowship is so big it is easy to slip in and out of church without seeing anyone you know. Since we both grew up in smaller churches it was a little weird going to such big church when we moved here. But Fellowship is a awesome church. I love the praise team, the pastors and the way I feel when I leave. I feel and KNOW that we need to get more involved and it is time! This 50 day challenge is going to be good for me... can't wait to start!

But a funny side note. Most of you know Deric's love of Starbucks.(haha) Well today these words came out of his mouth " I think I might want a Vanilla Latte, if we don't go before church lets get one afterwards" Well after church and a quick run to Wal-Mart we went to Starbucks. When we got home Deric was really enjoying his Vanilla Latte and mentioned he wanted another one! This is coming from someone who ALWAYS complains about the overprice and overrated coffee spot! But I do have to say he didn't pay for it with his money. He pulled out money from my wallet, so he might not be converted over just yet! But for some reason I feel like I WILL be spending more money for Starbucks Coffee!
Hope ya'll have a good week!

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