Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The famous quote of Stacy London from the hit show on TLC "What Not to Wear".
Yesterday when I got into the salon a client mentioned that Stacy was at Sam's... and I about fell to the floor when I found out! I LOVE THIS LADY!! I didn't have any appointments that morning till 12 so I grabbed Shay (my co-worker) and we hurried our little selfs to Sam's! When we got there I was practically running to get a spot in line to meet Stacy. We were waiting there in line while I was calling everyone I know to tell them that I was about met her. The line seemed to be moving pretty fast when all the sudden a guy calls out " This will be Stacy's last picture". I was so upset and down right mad! I was 2 people back and was getting the boot! NO WAY
Well I stood there with my new camera in hand (THANKS TO DERIC FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!) and shouted "STACY, CAN YOU JUST LOOK AT ME!" She did I told her I just wanted to take her picture.

While in mid shot she said "AWW, Just come here your so darn cute you have to be in the picture". So I ran over there and buddied right up to her all the while throwing Shay my camera.

After I got my quick photo with her, she was pulled away. So we left to walk over to pick up some foil. It is such a better deal than buying it at the Salon Supply House... and is works the best! HA So we make our way over to the foil and I mention to Shay "Oh look there is Stacy's Entourage" little did I know she was standing in the middle of them. I spotted her while saying " Oh,Don't worry Stacy..... we're just stalking you!" HAHA really did I just say that? Her crew just looked at me and she laughed..... thank goodness. For a minute I thought that I was going to be thrown down on that dirty nasty floor! Then I had to think of something fast to tell her why we were over there. So I told her "We buy our foil in bulk"..... WHAT?? Where are these words coming from??? I needed to ask her about my outfit or something! Then I have to say "Well, we are hair stylist and this a better deal and works great!" Stacy stylist agrees with me! Stacy must not have ever been to a Sam's Club because she says "I know don't you love this store... You can get everything you need in bulk like granola bars and green beans!"
Then she walked out the side door and off to her next campaign visit. She was at Sam's Club promoting Pantene Hair products. I was so glad she didn't ask me if I used Pantene because I would have told her...... NO, and I KNOW you don't use it on your hair either because your hair is too pretty!
But it turned out great, I got a pretty good picture with Stacy London and got to chit chat with her a bit! I should have told her it was the day after my birthday and maybe she would have given me her shoes! HA (you know she travels with extra)


  1. You didn't try to call your mother or I in line....liar, you were not calling everyone you know! JK The picture is so much better now that you cropped "photo-bomber" out. :) Mom and I went to the farmer's market this morning. It was AWESOME! I want you to visit so I can take you there. There is also one of those pottery places here....I want you to come so we can do that too! I can't wait to Thanksgiving to see you.

    Love from all of us to all of you!!!

  2. lucky girl! you have all kinds of celebrities down there in arkansas! hopes things are going well :)