Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Deric!!

Today I want to wish Deric a very Happy Birthday! I am so happy to call him my best friend and husband. Deric turns 28 today. It seems unreal that he is now 28.... I met him when he was 17 almost 18!  I guess our "puppy love" turned out to be more. I couldn't be happier to have him in my life!
 Just for fun I thought I would post pictures of the time we have had together over the years.
semi- formal
2004- Flordia
2004- my senior prom 

2005- engagement pic 
2006- September bought our home
2006- October
2009- just a fun pic!
This brings so many memories back! I am so thankful I have gotten to share 10 birthdays with you, Deric!
I just wish it was easier to buy you gifts! You would think after all these years I would be a pro!

We are planning to have a weekend at home. I took Saturday morning off so I had the whole weekend to celebrate Deric. We are going to go to the farmers market tomorrow morning and then I am going to make ribs. This was Deric's request.... I hope they turn out!  I will update later about them!


  1. Great pictures....and Happy Birthday to Deric! Hope you guys have a great weekend. We need to catch up soon, I haven't talked to you in ages.

  2. That was SOOO very long ago!! I'm so grateful to have shared so many milestone with you two. Love you both, Happy Belated Birthday Deric!!