Friday, August 27, 2010

One week from today

We get to find out if Baby Bidwell is a Boy or Girl! I am getting so excited I can hardly wait. Our appointment is set for Friday morning at 9:30. I am glad it is first thing in the morning. I don't think I could wait all day! I am also excited that my mom and sister are coming on Wednesday. They will be spending all weekend with us. I was glad that our appointment landed right before Labor Day so they had extra time off. It couldn't be any better timing for my family to be here. I wish my dad was coming too. I hardly have seen much of him the last couple of visits.

In other baby news... since mom and Jen will be here they are going to paint the babies room! I have a few ideas for paint for boy or girl. So we will see what happens. Deric told me tonight that he and a friend are going to put chair rail up in the nursery tomorrow! I want chair rail no matter gender and Deric wasn't too happy about having to do it. My birthday is Monday so he said it was my birthday gift! Which I am totally happy about! Back to my ideas for the nursery...
Boy colors are burnt orange, pear green, teal, and dark blue. I have a lady I know who is going to do the bedding. We are going with an Argyle theme! It is going to be super cute!
Girl colors are going to be sherbet pinks, orange, green, and teal. The bedding will be done is paisley pattern. For both genders she is adding a second pattern but I left that up to her. I can't wait to see her drawings! She has done a lot of baby bedding and is sooo talented! I trust her judgment!
So my question to you is
" Is Baby Bidwell a Boy or a Girl?"
Let me know what you think...... I can't wait to hear what people think!


  1. I'm guessing girl, but only because it seems like everyone else I know has had boys recently. I think it's wonderful that your Mom and sister will be here for it!

    We should plan to get together soon, maybe plan a girls night with Lena and Sudah.

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  3. So I can't spell....Happy Birthday!!!! I think it's a girl and have from the get go!!!!! can't wait to find out!!!! Miss you!

  4. I too think it will be a girl. Sounds like you have picked out some really pretty colors. Can't wait to see the nursery once it's finished.

    I agree with Candace. Need to have a girls' get together soon.

    Have fun with your mom and sis this week!