Friday, September 3, 2010

I was going to write this last night but didn't. My mom and sister got here on Wednesday night with no problems but driving in the rain the whole way from Indiana. I am so happy to have them both with us this week.  We didn't do much the first night because they got here around dinner time and I just beat them home from work.  We made pizza and watched a movies before going to bed. I am sure they were  tried... I know I am always tired when we travel! 
Yesterday, Deric was off to work and us girls had coffee and cinnamon rolls or breakfast. We didn't leave the house till around 12 to get lunch at Market Place. I have never taken my family there to eat before, which is hard to believe because Deric and I eat there ALL the time! We love it and so did they! After lunch we headed over to the shop so I could color and cut their hair. Jen was all about cutting her hair off again... which looks great on her! Mom had been growing hers out for years. So she really didn't want to cut it. She looked in some books and found a really cut swing bob. *For my defense, Moms hair NEEDED to be cut. The ends were in bad shape and was doing nothing for her. My mom is so stinking cut and looks so young and that hair was dragging her down!*  So she agreed for me to cut it and I didn't turn back. She might  the only.... THE only "client" who cried in my chair!  I have been doing hair for almost 7 years now and no one has sat in my chair and cried about hair.  I have cut feet off of peoples hair and they are good with it! Not my mom...... she didn't cry but for a few seconds and then was "good" she said. I think she will get more used to it. It is so cute and fits her personality... and the best part it is HEALTHY! 

*You will see pictures later when I upload some after our appointment today*

Speaking of the appointment..... I couldn't get much sleep last night. I was so excited  for myself and sad for a friend/ client.  Both were heavy on my mind and heart.  I went to bed so happy to finally be laying down to go to sleep before the appointment I  have so eagerly  been waiting for. This is the day I have been waiting for my whole adult life. I am beyond happy today for myself and my family! I can't wait to find out Baby Bidwell's gender. I am down to 2 hours away till we find out as I type this! LOL

On to the friend I mentioned. Yesterday while doing hair I got a text from her. Mary, my friend, was due Nov 1. When I got pregnant with the miscarriage was when she was pregnant. Our due dates were 3 days apart and we were so happy! She has been a client for years and we have become good friends.  I was desperately hoping a girl for her as she already has 2 boys. Her pregnancy was going great she was having a GIRL but  having to get her blood pressure checked all the time. She had that with her second son. Mary's husband is in the Army and they now live in OK on base. So I don't get to see her much only when she visits her family here in NWA. Anyhow, her text was shocking, sad, and understandable to me. She had told me at her doctors appointment Wednesday  the baby's heartbeat had stopped and they did an C-section that night. I can't even imagine the pain she and her family are going through. My heart is broken for her. I just ask  all of you to send your thoughts and prayers for Mary, Hunter, and their families.

It is so hard for me today to be so happy for myself and my family when I can't stop thinking about how sad Mary is today.  Mary didn't even know if she should let me know because she didn't wasn't to ruin my week. That is the type of person she is... always of thinking of others.  I don't know many details but little Ava will be laid to rest in NWA on Saturday. Pam, Mary's mom, will be keeping me posted. Thanks for your prayers ahead of time!

And of course be sure to stop by later today to see what BABY Bidwell's gender is!!! 

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