Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneek peek into Amelia's Nursery

As soon as we left the doctors on Friday we first hit Target. I couldn't wait one more minute to buy something for Amelia. Mom, Jen and I found some really cute outfits. Here are a few of my favorites we found over the weekend.

I just love the little ruffles on the bum of this sleeper

I could NOT pass up this little hat! I think Amelia might have to come home in this!
So needless to say we got a head start on her wardrobe! Here a peek into her closet. I might have to stop buying clothes. I do have 2 baby showers coming! It is going to be so hard not to peek at the baby clothes when I am out shopping! 

After our stop at Target we grabbed lunch then headed to Home Depot to pick out paint. I had the colors I wanted in mind so it didn't  take long at all to get the paint.  I choose a celery green for the top half of the wall and the bottom is a pinkish orange. It is so girly and bright in her room! I can't wait to get it all finished!

I had to paint her name up first! Don't worry that's all the painting I did
that's why my mom and sis where here.... they painted! The ultrasound was the bonus!
Finished !!! I am in love with the colors!
I had to add a picture of the piggy bank my sister bought for Amelia!
It matched the room perfectly!  We have already started to fill it up!

Here is a picture of the crib and dresser. We have ordered the crib already and I am pretty sure we will get this dresser. Just depends on if it matches the crib wood color.

We want to thank Mom and Dad Bidwell for buying Amelia's crib. It was so sweet of them! The crib does convert out to a toddler then to a full. We went ahead and ordered the rails also so we won't have to worry about them later!  We got the crib off of Amazon and the dresser is at Target. 
Also I want to thank my Mom, Janice, and Jen for coming 12 and 9 hours away to visit. I know it is a long drive and glad they were here for the ultrasound. Also thanks for  helping us so much this past weekend and for buying Amelia all her outfits!  We are so thankful to have such wonderful family!

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  1. Did you notice that the wall colors are in your blog design?!?