Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick trip home

We made a quick trip home last weekend to meet this little cuite!
Meet Ethan....

He is the son of Deric's best friend, Justin and his wife, Stephanie. We were so happy to be able to make the trip home to visit. Justin and Steph invited us to stay with them while we were home. We decided to stay Friday night with them. Since we had to drive through their town to get to our parents. We had a wonderful evening visiting and lots of snuggle time with little E.

I must say that little E was pretty found of his Uncle Deric! I wish I had a video of Ethan laughing at Deric. All I have a picture of E and Deric while E is crying due to the diaper he had exploded! And I cut the top of Deric's head off trying to hurry up to get the picture. Sorry Babe!

While we changed Ethan 10 pound diaper he continued to do his business .... it was so funny! It was a mess thats for sure but it was good practice!  Deric and I got Ethan dressed and ready to go for the Baby Shower Justin's mom was having Saturday afternoon. Deric did a really good job dressing a 5 week old! I think he is will be a pro and being a dad.... no question!

Here are some pictures at the shower. I didn't take many.... I wish I would have got the table of snacks. Justin's mom knows how to make some snacks! Our Baby B was on a sugar high the rest of the day I think!

Momma Steph and I 
Hating to say bye to little E

Justin and Deric at the shower
We spent the rest of the time home with our families. We spend Saturday evening at the Bidwells. We just mostly hung out and my mother in law made dinner. I went to bed pretty early I was worn out! We got up Sunday for Church. We stopped by my parents to get the dogs and head back over to the Bidwells for lunch. Deric's sister's family came over for steaks and some yummy  home grown sweet corn! Here is the gang cleaning corn.

We went back to my parents for dinner. My mom made beef and noddles at my request! Thanks MOM! It was so good... the weather was perfect for it also! This was the only time I got to see my dad... he has been working so much. So it was nice to have dinner with both of my parents!!
My best friend, Aimee, and her son, Jaxson, came for dinner also. Jax was loving some Uncle Deric too. He was snuggled right up with him in the chair and they watched t.v! It was so cute! It was such a fast weekend but we are glad we made the trip! It was worth it!

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