Monday, August 20, 2012


This past Friday was Amelia's "last" day with Candace and Ana Kate.
Ana Kate started kindergarten today and will be homeschooling 3 days per week. So with that comes a new setup for us. I have been wanting Fridays off anyhow so it all worked in our favor.
All the sitters I talked to wanted 2 really 3 days per week. So not only
do we lose our days with Candace but with grandma Marcia too.

We now have a babysitter who will
come to our house the 2 days while I am at the salon. I think she will be a great fit with Amelia. Amelia was already saying her name after she left our house Saturday :). I am so thankful to have a sitter come to our home. I just don't like the thought of paying for a full time sitter when I only work about 15 hours a week. I am sure there will come a day where I will stay home full time. But, for now I really enjoy working. I know it is a good break for Amelia and I. She is such a mommy's girl... Not that I mind... It is just nice to have a break. I LOVE doing hair and know I would miss it.
Here is Amelia's first day with Candace and her last day. I knew the change in Amelia would be huge. But Ana Kate looks so different too! Crazy how those girls became best buddies over the year of spending Friday's together. They will miss each other each week, but we have plenty of chances for fun play dates!

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