Thursday, July 23, 2009


We have had a four leg, floppy ear, wet noise friend this week. I know he is sooooo cute, and the best is that is so well mannered! Roper and Divot are such good friends. They play all day long.

They love to wrestle and get a bit rough sometimes.... boy will be boys I guess!

Birdie will play with Roper for a bit but mostly she sits on the couch like the princess she is!

I was a little worried because Divot has only met Roper one other time. But it has been great! Becca dropped Roper off on Thursday night and we have him till Saturday afternoon. I work with Becca and she is also from Indiana (around Indy) so we had a instant friendship!

On Sunday we took all the pups to Lake Fort Smith. This park is about 45 minutes away so we packed a lunch and took off for the day. We got there around 1:00 so we ate right away then went for a hike. Birdie however was not into walking at all! She kept stopping whenever she got the chance and when some shade came our way she acted like she had to do some business, sniffing around until Deric had to just pick her up and walk away. We didn't get to stay long at the park, because the dogs were getting really hot.

It was such a neat place. All the buildings looked new and clean. You can rent canons for the day, camp, hike, and swim. The drive down to Fort Smith so is beautiful! The mountains are the perfect backdrop makes everything look so marvelous. The lake sits in a valley so the mountains surround the whole park!
If you live in NWA and haven't been down to Lake Fort Smith.... GO!!!! You won't be disappointed!

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