Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Year Ago Today

My big sister, Jennifer, married the love of her life! This post is replacing the card I didn't send! SORRY!! Well I have my reasons..... Jen and Blake just moved again!

Most of you know Jen moved out to Maryland right after their wedding because Blake was working out there for the past year. Blake decided this last year that he wanted to go to Law School. He spent the past year studying and applying for school. He got the best news he could ask for... He got accepted and a FULL RIDE to Indiana University Law School. So about a month again they packed up and left Maryland to come back to good 'ol Indiana! Jen and Blake are glad to be back home. Plus during the move she got the best news also.... she got her DREAM JOB, teaching Theater Arts and English for Bloomington North (right Jen?). So all is wonderful for them as they celebrate their first year of marriage.
So I want to give Jen and Blake a huge CONGRATS!!! Can't wait too see you grow old together! Like I said at your wedding guys...... You couldn't be any more perfect for each other! Love you both!

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  1. aw that is so sweet! we love you guys too....very much. we can't wait to show you around bloomington!