Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So I was on a blogging streak...not so much anymore. This post is sort of "throw it all in". Most of our family knows by now that we got our new computer last week (which is totally awesome, Thanks to my husband!) As I am sitting a typing at this moment our laptop may be on it's way to the house! I told Deric that the laptop is mine and he can have the desktop! HA!
Well with all this new computer business we had to get our office all fixed up. I always wanted a home office that looks professional. I had big plans this time last year to rip down a wall and open the space up to the living room. But now I have had a change of heart......Deric, I know you thrilled to read that! So anyhow, last weekend (not this past one) we headed out in search for a new desk,shelves and chair. We ended up picking a really nice set from Target. Deric and I have always agreed on cheaper but nice looking furniture because we or just maybe me change our decor too much! The set is really pretty and the office looks so much bigger!!! It is amazing what some new furniture can do for a space! Here are some pictures

These shelves are in both corners of the room! Now I am on the look out for a canvas burnt orange color valance for the window. I think that will really bring out the orange in the rug.

Also that same weekend Deric and I decided to try to make different types of homemade pizza. We make pizza quite a bit but we wanted to fancy it up a bit! This is what we came up with. Thanks to Lena(our wonderful almost new mommy friend) for the dough recipe... it was delish!

Finally this last picture is for my mom. She has been asking me to post a picture with me and my new found love of bangs! She couldn't believe I cut them!! I haven't had bangs since I was in grade school like maybe 4th or 5th grade! So here ya go Mom!!

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