Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Man!!!

Happy Birthday to MY sweet, caring, amazing, funny, and smart husband. I don't even know the words to express how lucky I am to have him in my life. He makes me smile, laugh and love him more everyday.
I was thinking about the first birthday we spent together... which was many years ago. He was turning 18!!! LOL right?? Yea, it was right before he started his senior year of high school! Anyhow, it was our first "date" which happened to be his birthday. I was head over heals about him then and still am!! At the end of that night was our first kiss. Well I decided it was going to be our first kiss. It was awful! He totally agrees! LOL I went right in for it and he wasn't even expecting it.... got him off gaurd! It was a MESS!!!
But after thinking about that day I realize that Deric's birthday always turns out to be more than just a b-day! His 18th b-day was our first date and his little niece, Nikohl, got to come home from the hospital after being in the NICU for about 2 months! This is the day I met Miss Kohl.Then his 20th birthday was when Deric got to go home from the hospital after he was in a serious car accident with his college roommate. He was in bad shape.... brain contusions and some memory loss.Then when Deric graduated from Purdue it was on his birthday... plus his other college roommate, Ray, was getting married that same day! Funny how so many other big events in his life happen to be on his b-day!
Mostly I wanted to post a blog about how much I care and love him. I don't tell as much as I should on how much I appreciate him and look up to him. I am so thankful to have him in my life, I didn't realize when I was younger what a gift from God Deric is! It was that car accident that made me stop and truly think about our relationship and where it was going. I prayed and prayed that God would heal him and guide me. At the time of his accident Deric and I were not together, we had broken up about 8 months before. Everyone says "God has good in everything, even when it is the worse thing in your life". I am here to say an "Amen!" to that! It was this very horrible event that brought us back together. He is such a great man with an awesome, loving family and I am truly lucky to call him my husband!
Deric I hope you have a great day and you enjoy your cheesecake!!! I LOVE YOU

Yes, I had to bake him something for his birthday!!!

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  1. happy birthday deric! hope it's a good one and enjoy those cheesecakes - they look yummy!