Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes.... Cloth Diapers

Yesterday when I got home I was as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. Our first set of cloth diapers came in the mail! I have been researching cloth diapers for some time. Even before I got pregnant. I went to a class about them with a friend last year and was completely sold! She was going to use them and knew I was interested so I tagged along with her to the class.
I know what ya'll are thinking.... "You say you will use them but it wont last". Well I WILL prove you wrong! I am all about  and determined on using cloth diapers. I know it will take extra work and I will have days I wish I didn't have to clean pooped out of diapers. But I know this as well as I know my own name. Babies are  HARD work  and everything in our lives are about to change. I will be cleaning pooped up even with disposable diapers!  Babies have the ability of pooping up their backs and out the sides of diapers. If I start out with using cloth diapers we won't know any difference. It is what I want for my baby. I am up for the extra work... it is worth it for my baby. Not only are cloth diapers environmental  they are so stinking CUTE!!

I have registered for a few different brands of cloth diapers. This one is a GroVia. I like the idea of these the best because of their hybrid system and they will grow with baby. They have a pad almost looks like a maxi pad that fits in the shell. So when you are out and about shopping and need to change baby's diaper you don't have to carry a soiled diaper around. Just flush the pad its that easy! I ordered this set which included 6 shells, 12 cloth pads, hybrid pads, and stain stick. I found a good deal on Costco.com.  Deric's co-worker used her member card to buy them for us, because we are not members.It was so nice of her to do that.
I am sure I won't be able to use them right away so I will use disposable. I have read that the cloth diapers are a bit big on tiny newborns. And I know that new baby's poop is like black tar and I won't be cleaning those out of my cloth diapers!
 I am also planning on breastfeeding and making my own baby food. Call me Crazy, but  I am set on doing all of these. I know my plans won't always go my way but I am going to try my hardest. I even thought of the idea if Amelia won't breastfeed  I will just pump and bottle feed her. I have read many times and it is good to bottle feed a couple bottles a day. So it will be easy adjustment for Amelia when I go to work. I am sure her daddy and grandmas will be more than happy to sit and feed her once in awhile!

I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband who I know is on board with me even with all of my "crazy" ideas. He will be a big help.... I have no doubt. I know and ready for the extra work but I know I  won't be doing this alone. Let me know if you use cloth diapers. I would love you tips and ideas of what other type of cloth diapers you love. I have been doing a lot of reading but it would be nice to hear some ideas from my readers.


  1. I want to do all three too! I actually have some experience with cloth diapering since my friends do it, and I watched their daughter for awhile.
    She was a newborn when I Was using them for the most part and they are SUPER effective. I wouldn't start with disposibles--they are too damn easy to get in the habit of using. Also--newborns don't pee/poo a huge amount, so it is a great time to learn how often to change them. The tar I think only lasts until their digestive system is working, which isn't too long.
    My friends used some bum genius and a couple from other brands and they all have lots of places to adjust settings and the such so that they fit. They attached a hose to their toilet so they could just spray off the diapers, pull out the inserts and then toss them in a 'diaper pail' (it was a trash can) to get thrown in the wash. Also, only Tide kept them from getting smelly. When the baby gets bigger.
    I hadn't heard of the type of diapers that you ordered. It seems a little counter productive to 'cloth diaper' and also have something that is disposable though. The inserts aren't that bad, they are just annoying to put back into the shell.
    Here is a great blog entry on different types of cloth diapers from

    As far as making your own food--go for it! It isn't difficult AT all, and you, not some ambiguous company can control and know exactly what your child is eating. A food processor will be your best friend. Baby food doesn't need to be time consuming or elaborate--quite the opposite! Pumping to have some on supply is also an excellent idea, since it will get your milk supply up AND give you a chance go go out once in awhile, or not have to breast feed in public.
    Keep up the reading and good work:). Don't think of it as extra work, since it won't be if you are used to it from the start. Think of all the awesome benefits to your daughter who won't have harmful chemicals next to her skin for years and be able to eat fresh food. Sorry if I sound like a crazy hippy, but I'm pretty passionate about this stuff :)

  2. Only their first poop is the tar like. Breastfeed babies have the seedy yellow poo. Also, be careful just trying to pump because that alone won't keep your supply up. My little guy would not latch on and I thought I could jusst pump. That lasted 2 weeks and my supply was gone because he was not stimulating the production. Good luck with everything!!

  3. I breastfed for 10 months, cloth diapered a year and a half, and made my own food...as a single parent. It IS more work, yes, but I also enjoyed doing it because it was what I felt was right for our family. Cloth diaper laundry never felt like another load of laundry I had to do because I WANTED to do it. And I loved smelling the fresh diapers and stacking them up to use. I know, I'm weird.

    It's awesome that your husband is there to help you and stand behind all your "wacky" ideas.

    PS. They make disposable inserts you can use when Amelia is a newborn so her poop wont be stuck in the diaper. Or, cut up old t-shirts and line the diaper when you put it on her. I had to use this trick with Avery when she had diaper rash. Standard diaper rash creams CANNOT go on cloth diapers.

  4. Sorry, more rambles. Avery's poop was only tarry for about a week. Then it was yellow and seedy and washed right out of the diaper without problems. But MAN did that kid poop A LOT!! She went through at least 20 diapers a day. I washed diapers a lot more in the early days.

    Avery always ate whatever I ate just pureed in the blender. This also encouraged me to eat extra healthy.

    I had the worst time pumping, which I only did while I was at work for milk the next day at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I could barely let down while I was pumping. I tried everything. So I always fed Avery and pumped on the other side then switched. That way I'd have extra milk in the freezer and it was building my supply. I never did find a solution for my struggles at work except to push through and I would be almost ready to explode when I got home and would have to feed her right away. I absolutely loved breastfeeding and I was devastated when she weaned herself at 10 months.

  5. Sounds like you are really ready to take on the wonderful and rewarding challenge of being a mommy...and cloth diapers to boot! I thought about cloth diapers. Just never did it past the g diapers. The ones you got seem super easy though!
    I know you probably don't want my "advice" as I know all too well about everyone giving new moms enough advice to make your head spin...but I just wanted to share my story. I was just like you and dead set of bfeeding. In fact, I viewed formula as poison and vowed to NEVER give my kids any. Little did I know that it was possible for women to not be able to produce enough milk. I WAS DEVASTATED. In fact, I cried the first 3 weeks straight when I learned my milk never was going to come in. I just didn't have enough milk ducts apparently. I felt like such a bad mom and that I let my baby down. I eventually moved past the thought that formula was bad and that I was bad because I couldn't provide food for my baby on my own. But it was really hard. I just wish someone had told me before that not everyone can bfeed and regardless if you can or can't you are still a great mom. Anyway, sorry that was a lot of rambling and I'm sure you could have lived without hearing my story. Just thought I would share. Can't wait to see your precious Amelia! Love her name!!