Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Shower

I finally get around to post about my BEAUTIFUL baby shower. The shower was November 20th back in Indiana. Our moms and sisters hosted the shower and let me tell you everything was just perfect. Also my moms' cousin came from Chicago on Thursday night to help. I am such a lucky girl.... and feel so loved!  We held the shower at our home church. It was where my bridal shower was and where we got married so it was the perfect spot to hold the baby shower!
 My sister and mom did all the decorations. They went over and beyond for little Amelia and I. Mom did a cravings table and my sister got the cake from a local bakery. The cake was so stinkin cute... it did get a little damaged in the 4 hour car ride but it was still really tasty! Deric's mom and sister did all the food. It was so yummy! No one walked away from the shower hungry. They made some of my favorite foods and salads so I was a happy girl! Kim, Deric's sister, did the games. They were so much fun. We played "Price is Right", "Baby Bingo" and then everyone had to cut a string that they think equals how big my belly is. This game was fun and cracked me up on how long some people's strings were. One of my friends had her string longer than what I stood tall with HEALS!!  Our niece, Nikhol, was pretty much spot on. Her string was just an 1\2  inch too long! I was amazed she got that close!
Here are a bunch of photos of the day. Beware of picture overload!  I have taken some with our new camera, other pictures came from my MIL's camera and my  little Cannon Elph .

tissue paper flowers that Jen hung for the ceiling 
Banner for the gift table and will be hung in nursery
Amelia's initials.. in a flower pot... how cute!

The centerpieces on all the tables

Advice cards and seed packets for favors

yummy red-velvet cake
cravings table

teddy bear we used for the cloth diaper race

diaper race

Amelia is already so loved and spoiled! This girl got so much that we had to have my mom ship some of  the baby gifts to us! Amelia is going to be one well dressed little girl that is for sure! There was NO way that all her stuff, our luggage, and two pups were going to fit in our SUV! I am looking forward to getting her stuff in her room. I have a lot of work to do before my shower here AR.

I want to Thank everyone again who came to the shower. I can't wait for you all to meet our little princess! And to our Moms and Sisters,
You ladies are amazing and did over and beyond. We are so blessed to have you and thankful everyday for everything you do for us. I can't thank you enough for throwing me a wonderful baby shower that I will never forget. I can't wait to see you all in just a few more weeks and I know Amelia can't wait to meet her GiGi,
 G-ma Linda, and her Aunties!! I am lucky I have good role models to look up to and know I will get great advice from you all. Love you all!!
P.S. I can't believe I didn't get a picture with all of you together with me. It makes me so mad and sad.I did manage to get one with my mom but that is it! We needed a list of pictures to check off the list! I am surprised Jen didn't have a list for that! LOL

this was after the shower and during tear down... so it isn't the best pic... sad

~ I failed to do a 31 week and 32 week post because we were gone. I will post a 32 week post because I am just now 32 wk 2 days pregnant now.

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