Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Food

This past week  I have been busy sewing and making Amelia's baby food. I knew the food was going to be fairly easy to make but GEEEZZZZ it was so easy and FUN! Since little A is loving her food I knew it was time to stock up on her favorites. Store bought food is just fine but I wanted a stock pile and it is much cheaper to make it yourself!
I spent about an hour making food while Amelia was napping. I did veggies the first day, green beans, peas, california blend, and zucchini. She loved the zucchini! I also made applesauce later that night. This baby girl has not disliked any I have given her yet, so I am excited to start mixing up her food for different tastes!

I don't have a food processor but our blender has a baby food setting in it and it worked really well.  This is how I made her food.

~Cooked the veggies/ fruit  either boiled, steamed, or baked them

~Blended it with some water. Some would say to use Breast-milk or formula.... but I think of B.M as liquid gold so I will stick with water! I blended to a smooth texture.

~Poured into ice cube trays and froze!

~ Once frozen I popped them out and put them in  labeled Ziploc bags. Each cube is about one ounce so she will eat two cubes during one meal. 

Each morning or evening I grab out the food I want for the day or next day and keep in fridge! I do warm it up for a few seconds. Princess doesn't like her food or milk for that matter cold! She will take it room temp but that is about it! 

Amelia eats 2 oz  fruit with cereal every morning with about 4 oz of B.M. Next feeding she just has 4 to 6 oz of milk. Around lunch time she will have milk,  2 oz veggies and maybe some cereal too. Then just milk again around 3 or 4pm. For dinner she will have 4 oz of food both veggie and fruit and of course milk too.  

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  1. I love it! I can't wait to make my own baby food. I saw all these infomercials for the magic bullet, baby food system but why would you need that when you have ice cube trays!