Monday, June 20, 2011

First Fathers Day

To Daddy~

Thank you for everything you do for me, Dad. I am so happy that I have you as a Daddy. Mommy tells me all the time that you love me with of your heart. I am pretty sure I have you wrapped around your finger. I knew it wouldn't take long to steal your heart. I hope being a Dad is all what you wished it would be. I try to be a good girl for you. But it seems like even when I am upset and crying, you still think I am the cutest thing! I can't help it...cuteness surrounds me!

I love that you call me Pumpkin, Princess, Baby, Sweetheart all the time. I think it is weird when you call me by name because I was pretty sure Princess was my first name! I really enjoy our times together and I know you love our alone time too.I can't wait till I am older and you can take me out on dates and we can have long chats about life.

Thank you for letting your whole world change and allowing me into your heart. You may not seem like you know what you are doing sometimes but let me reassure you, you are the perfect Daddy for me. All I need is Love, Snuggles, Kisses, Food, and a Safe Home. You provide that and so much more! I love and adore you more than you know!

Little A

Amelia just had to write a little note to Daddy... she told me what to write! We had a pretty uneventful Fathers Day. I feel kinda bad! Deric wasn't feeling up to par but we did go out for pizza. Amelia got him a little photo book of photos of mostly just him and her. He loved it. We got him a grill a few weeks ago so that was his big gift from us! But we had a nice day and Deric got to watch Golf all day!

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  1. What a great little writer you have there! I love the last picture of her smile!