Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random thought

I have been thinking about cutting my hair. I have ALWAYS has short hair when I was younger. When Deric asked me to marry him I started growing it out for our wedding.
I really like my long hair but lately it is just looking like..... Blah! It is falling out in chunks (thanks hormones and my baby who pulls handfuls out). I thought about cutting it last summer but chickened out. I don't think I was truly ready. This year I just may do it. As I type this Amelia is yanking on my hair as she is playing on the floor. Nice, I just lost 30 more strands!

Here is what I am thinking about doing.

I just need my full hair back and some spunk!

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  1. Love it!!! You can so pull this off!!!!

  2. DO IT! Short is always good for summer... I'm thinking about doing the same thing.

  3. I like it! I can't wait to see pictures. Is your hair naturally curly? It will look awesome either way.