Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I haven't been Blogging much lately because I have been keeping myself busy in my sewing room. I have done a few projects over the weekend and this week already!!
Amelia now has a cute 4th of July outfit. I am not really into the whole super holiday it out deal because then she can only wear it that day. So instead I made a red,white and blue dress! It is adorable... Love it!

My friend,Bea, asked me to make a couple outfits for her new great-niece. Bea picked out the material and I don't think the outfits could get any cuter!

I have been wanting to make myself a dress and finally did it! I wore it to work today so that means it turned out good! I do have a few things I will need to do different next time around. But I did not use a pattern so all in all my first try was good!

I made or may not have a matching dress for Baby A! ;) I also have another dress in the works for me. This time a shorter one!

I am pretty sure Deric is getting sick of me sewing but I can't stop myself! I have so many ideas and HAVE to do them. Sewing is just like a drug that I am addicted too....

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  1. I love the outfits! You have some serious skillz girl! I have been working on making bags out of jeans. I have 2 done and another in the works. I can't wait to finish setting up my sewing room so I don't have to use my kitchen table to sew on.
    What materials did you use for your dress? It is just cotton off of the roll, or a softer jersey? It looks more flexible than the typical stuff. Keep up the great work chica.

  2. What cute outfits (Amelia's and yours)! Very talented :)