Saturday, October 2, 2010

Consignment Finds... and More

On Monday night I went to the Rhea Lana's Sale in Fayetteville. It is a huge consignment sale that usually just happens in Rogers. This year they hosted another one in Fayetteville. I was excited because I missed the one in Rogers. I didn't go to the Rogers one because we didn't know what the gender was by the time I could use  the "Mom-to-be" pass.  So anyhow... I hurried down to the sale after work on Monday.
 It was packed full of woman shopping. It was hard to get through some of the "stores" but I manged to find some good deals and a lady who is name Michelle Duggar...... Yes, I could hardly hold myself together! I "spotted" her in the first "store" and called my mom right away! I couldn't believe it. Most of you know she is the mom on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". I know they live in our area but still I was so excited to see her in person. I went on to the next store only exchanging smiles with Michelle, and a little disappointed I didn't talked to her.
  I went into the nursery store and pick up a baby sling (one that isn't recalled), changing pad, and a few other things. I was still on the phone with my mom when I got into the long line to checkout. Much to my surprise Michelle was in line right next to me. I think she was just putting something behind the checkout.  But she caught my smile again while I told my mom "Love you too, Mom ...bye". Michelle had a big smile on her face and told me she loved hearing adults tell their parent that they love them. So I told her our whole family lives in Indiana and that I try to talk to my mom every 3 or 4 days. Michelle chatted with me for a few minutes. She asked me if we knew the gender, name, and when I was due. We were instant friends! She even offered to have a picture taken so my mom could see us together!
(I might have told her we had to drive by the Duggar home when my mom & sis were visiting. Because my mom thinks it is so cool that we live close to "The Duggars")

Michelle was so sweet and such a beautiful lady! I was so excited she stopped to chat with me! After I checked out I went to the other clothes store and infant play toys. I did find some really good deals. I got the cutest carseat cover and some pretty cute outfits. Mostly outfits that are sized 6 to 12 months. Amelia's closet is filling up. But to make myself feel better...... I know most of those things will not be hung up. Like the sleepers and such! LOL  So she still have lots of space for clothes, bows, and shoes!

Amelia is going to sport a "Amelia" shirt and zebra bow with this!!

This tiny tutu... I got it so I could see how it was made.. but my sister is going to make Amelia some tutus

I didn't get these at the sale... I found them at Target. Somehow they  "jumped" into my cart

Some other exciting news is that I picked out Amelia's fabric for her bedding. I will have some drawings to choose from in the next couple of weeks. Michelle (not Duggar) who is doing her bedding has ordered the fabric already with some minky dot and silks. I can't wait to see how she puts it all together! She is wonderful and I know it will be perfect!
We did get Amelia's crib up and it took amazing. It is so pretty! Thanks again to my in-laws for that wonderful gift!  Now I am on the search for a dresser. I am trying to decided if I want to get an "older" one a paint it a fun color (well that matches the bedding) and put diamond like nobs on it or find a dark wood one to match. What do ya'll think??

And because I didn't post a 23 week picture but I took one.... here it is. I will do a 24 wk post tomorrow!

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