Wednesday, October 20, 2010

XS....... maybe not!

My belly is growing so much everyday these days. It is crazy to wake up and see how much it has grown! Deric told me the other night that it looked like a basketball. So I am sure he is noticing the growth also. Besides just my belly is growing so are the "girls". I thought they slowed or stopped growing about a month ago but I guess I was wrong!
Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work. It was a pretty cool day here only in the 60s. I picked to wear leggings and this cute black dress. Well the dress I am wearing in the picture on the top of this page. The dress has a empire waist and plenty of belly room  so I figured it would be a go. I slip the dress on just fine and zip it up. I did a little "yeah... that right extra small dress I can still wear you" twirl in the mirror. I bent down to put my socks on because I broke out my pink boots for the first time this fall. When I bent down I noticed the top part of the dress was maybe a bit to small. I took a look in the mirror again and the "girls" were all smashed and squeezed in. I mean they were pushing into the armpit area.... which is NOT acceptable! I decided to take the dress off... I knew I couldn't go all day in it.
 I reached over to the left side to pull the zipper down and it wouldn't move. So I tried again.... again... and again for about 3 minutes. By this time I was all hot, sweaty and wanted the dang dress off! I took a deep breathe (well as best as I could because my lungs were compressed with boobs) and tried the zipper again. NOPE... not going down. I walked  outside because I was so hot and claustrophobic  by then I was fixin to go crazy! I came into the house with a new attitude.If I couldn't get the dress off... I will just cut myself out of it. I mean after all I have had the dress for awhile so it has had it run. So a quick prayer and another semi deep breath and the zipper slid down. THANK GOODNESS!
I love that dress and didn't want to cut it up but I didn't think there was any other choice. I was even going call the neighbor because my arm barley could reach over to cut it. I took that dress off as fas as I could and threw it on the floor.
So I guess I learned my lesson.... no more extra small for this girl! This is the first time in my life my boobs have been to big for a outfit. This just doesn't happen for me! It was too funny and I wish there was a hidden camera to catch my crazy self!  It would have given you all good laugh.

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